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Acupuncture in Lincoln, NE

Proven Treatments. Real Results.


“Ellen is an amazing Acupuncturist. Her intuitive and sensitive approach lead the healing process gently and effortlessly, I saw her for a very complex digestive disorder and she helped me to fully recover. Acupuncture is an art, and Ellen is a Master!”

- Beth R.

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Prairie Acupuncture

Welcome to Prairie Acupuncture! I am Ellen Emanuel, Nebraska state licensed Acupuncturist located in Lincoln, NE. As a private practitioner of Asian Medicine, my dedication to patients comes through with individual assessment and treatment plans that are customized for every patient.


Focusing on both physical and emotional aliments, I recognize the body as a whole. With each personalized treatment, I aim to bring the body back into balance to facilitate healing.


My experience in treating patients ranges from autoimmune, women's health, psychological disorders, to musculoskeletal. I have a passion for treating Veterans and have worked in Manhattan's VA Hospital where the primary focus was treating PTSD and pain.


I also worked in Manhattan's Initiative for Women with Disabilities, IWD, where I treated women with chronic, degenerative diseases such as Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia, and Post-Polio Syndrome.

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Initial Consults

90-120 minutes

These initial appointments for acupuncture are needed to help find the best path forward for you and your body.

Common Treatments

Follow Up Treatments

60 minutes

After your initial consultation and treatment plan has been set, you will continue your plan with follow-up treatment sessions.

Techniques such as Classical Acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese Massage) CuppingGua ShaMoxibustion (Moxa)Eastern Nutritional Therapy, and essential oils will be used to help with your specific ailment.

Payment Options

Prairie Acupuncture accepts the following forms of payment:

-All major credit cards

-Checks accepted


No private insurance accepted, unless referred directly by the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Location & Directions

Prairie Acupuncture is a premiere acupuncture institution located on the south side of 4747 Pioneers BLVD in Lincoln, NE within the office building complex shown above.

Go inside the front doors, and take the stairs to your left. Once on the second floor, walk to the back of the building, take a left, and look for suite 700B.

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